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Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital (WECH)



We work in partnership with you, and your veterinarian to prepare for a successful breeding season. Please feel free to contact us at (262) 569-1550 with any questions you may have!

Our Reproductive Team

Mare with Foal Eating Grass

Embryo Transfer Services

We have been performing embryo flushes for many years and have had great success shipping embryos to recipient herd farms such as Vista Equine Colorado, Royal Vista Southwest, and Equine Medical Services. When you have valuable show mares or an older mare that is unable to carry a pregnancy, embryo transfer is the best way to save these bloodlines for the future.

Stallion in a Field

Stallion Services

  • Phantom training

  • Breeding soundness examinations

  • Semen evaluations & longevity studies

  • Collection, processing, & semen shipment

  • Semen freezing and storage

  • Special stable and turnout care

Mare, stallion, and foal running

Breeding & Semen Management

  • Frozen semen – unlike other facilities, at Wisconsin Equine, every mare inseminated with frozen semen is bred using an advanced Deep Horn Insemination technique. This allows for smaller amounts of semen to be used, less uterine tissue reaction to the frozen semen, and better results.

  • Cooled semen – Your mare is evaluated daily and we simplify the entire process from ordering the semen, checking the motility upon arrival and prior to breeding and returning of the storage container to the stallion owner. We will stay in contact with you in regards to how your mare is progressing and a projected timeline of when we feel she is ready to return home.

Mare with Foal

Other Reproductive Services

  • Management of challenging fertility issues

  • High-risk foaling mares

  • Reproductive Surgeries

  • Twin pregnancy management

  • Uterine therapy for the infected mare