Our doctors and staff are highly respected and
care for the well-being of your horse

The vets at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital are highly skilled and educated veterinarians who are known throughout the Midwest for exceptional equine medical care.  There are two board certified doctors on site in a number of specialties at Wisconsin Equine. Working together, they can treat almost any medical issue that comes up, from routine to complex. Most of the doctors are horse owners themselves, so they understand the special relationship clients have with their animals and the concern that goes along with medical problems.


Clients of Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital can expect:

  • 24-hour responsiveness - Day or night, seven days a week, doctors are available to respond to patient calls and emergencies.

  • Board-certified specialists - Every doctor has undergone rigorous training devoted exclusively to the care of horses and continues to enhance their knowledge on current advances through ongoing education.

  • Open and honest communication: It's important for clients to fully understand their horse's condition and treatment and to actively partner with the doctor in care decisions.


The Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital prides itself in having a high quality Veterinary Internship program.  The program is our clinic’s way of contributing to the future of the horse by providing additional specialized training to the next generation of equine veterinarians.  Our veterinary intern doctors work in tandem with all of the doctors at WECH to ensure the best care possible for patients


A veterinary intern is a fully licensed veterinarian who is capable and competent of assessing, diagnosing, and treating your horse.  Traditionally a veterinary intern has completed eight years of college education - four years of undergraduate studies followed by four years of veterinary school.  After receiving their doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM) they complete national and state board examinations verifying they have the knowledge and skills to practice medicine.  Internships are not required in veterinary medicine, but are optional for those who would like further mentorship and training from experienced and specialized doctors. 


The health of a horse can be as fragile and complicated as that of a human. It requires vets with specialized experience, advanced diagnostic tools, and a competent and compassionate touch -like those at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital. Read more about our doctors and staff to the right of this page.



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