Reproduction & Fertility

At Wisconsin Equine, reproductive success and your horses' safety are our two top concerns related to breeding.  We strive to provide the best possible care for your horse, as well as a hands-on approach to help you with any reproductive issues or concerns you may have with your horses.  Our reproductive services are offered at the hospital, or in the field.  Wherever you need us.

Our reproductive veterinarians are Andrew Schmidt DVM, MS, DACT and JoAnne LeMieux, DVM.  Dr. Schmidt has been with Wisconsin Equine since 1998, is board-certified in reproduction and has extensive experience with mares and stallions.  Dr. JoAnne LeMieux has been with Wisconsin Equine since 2007.  She specializes in breeding, foaling and neonatal care. 


Our Reproductive Veterinarians Perform the Following Services:


Onsite Frozen Semen Storage and In-House Laboratory

In addition, Wisconsin Equine offers on-site storage of frozen semen, as well as maintenance of client owned tanks. Our in-house reproductive laboratory gives us the ability to analyze semen and foresee any difficulties prior to breeding.


Reproduction Services Offered in the Clinic and in the Field

We do offer breeding services both in the field as well as in the clinic.  Please feel free to call or email our reproductive department with any questions you may have, or call to arrange a tour to personally meet our team and view our facility. We would love to meet you and discuss your horses' reproductive needs.

Equine reproduction and fertility

The Wisconsin Equine in-house laboratory allows our vets to perform fertility evaluations to help solve complicated breeding problems.


Equine embryo flushing