Compassionate Equine Medical Care
That's Cutting Edge

Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is the foremost equine medical center in Southeastern Wisconsin, staffed with renowned doctors who are highly respected in their specialties and on the cutting edge of medical procedures and treatments. 

When you choose Wisconsin Equine Clinic for your horse, you are assured that every medical condition, from critical care to routine, will be handled under one roof by outstanding doctors who have been recognized as the best in their fields. The state-of-the-art equine veterinary hospital contains the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and care for your horse, including a open, standing MRI, making it just one of 16 equine medical centers in the world to offer this advanced tool.

Many of Wisconsin Equine's doctors, technicians and staff own horses themselves or have worked alongside them for much of their lives. For them, caring for horses is a natural extension of the bond they have with their own animals. Treating pleasure horses, race horses and every horse in between is more than just a chosen career for the doctors… it’s their passion.

Our doctors specialize in virtually every area of equine medicine. Read more about our services or call us with questions or to set up a personal appointment.

    • Routine Health Examinations: Wellness and Geriatric Programs
    • Internal medicine
    • Surgery
    • Critical care center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Reproduction and Fertility Treatments
    • Equine Dentistry
    • Equine Eye Care
    • Alternative Medicine: Chiropractic, Acupuncture
    • Sports Medicine/Lameness evaluations
    • Prepurchase exams

Many equine services can be done during field visits, which allow horses to be evaluated in an environment that’s familiar and comfortable for them and save clients the time and expense of a trip to the clinic.

We invite you to read more about our services, our staff, and view our photo gallery. Or contact us for more information or to arrange a personal tour.

High technology on equine farm visits

Each of our mobile vehicles are equipped with a digital database of patient records so we know all about your horse with each visit - whether it's in our office or on your farm.
Equine surgery
Our trained medical doctors and technicians care deeply for your horses ongoing well-being and recovery.