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Eric Gilmore, VMD


I am a native of Pennsylvania.   I grew up enjoying the snowy winters in Erie and still consider that area my family home.  In 2010 I earned my bachelor’s degree in biology from Juniata College in central Pennsylvania.   I then attended veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania and earned my VMD in 2014.   The majority of my patients thus far have been racing or breeding Thoroughbreds and I have been lucky enough to work with them in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia.   My professional interests include sports medicine, diagnostic ultrasonography, regenerative therapies and reproduction.

My initial exposure to horses came from trail rides during family trips out west and during some of my younger sister’s riding lessons.   My first real in-depth experience came during college, while riding with a dairy vet in northwestern Pennsylvania.   After leaving the dairies we would look at an array of horses, from Amish Standardbreds and Percherons to back yard ponies and minis.   During vet school I spent my summers working with the vets at Presque Isle Downs, a Thoroughbred racetrack in Erie.   It was during these summers that I fell in love with the athletic ability, versatility, and heart of the horse (with a soft spot for TBs).    During my clinical year at New Bolton Center I filled my schedule with rotations and externships focusing on equine wellness, reproduction, and sports medicine.    I accepted my first job straight out of vet school and moved back to Erie to work with the racing Thoroughbreds.  I spent the following two and a half years rotating between race meets in northwest PA, northeast Ohio, and northern West Virginia.   The racetrack offered tremendous exposure to sports medicine and respiratory issues, and our large farm practice allowed me to keep my wellness, reproductive, and emergency medicine skills sharp.     My desire to continue honing my equine veterinary skills and to learn more about the amazing versatility of the horse has led me to Wisconsin.   I am very proud to join the amazing team of professionals at Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital and to continue to provide cutting edge care for the horse.

I moved to Wisconsin with my girlfriend, Katelyn.   In our spare time we both enjoy anything that gets us outdoors including hiking, biking, kayaking, and snowboarding.   We also enjoy staying active at the gym, cooking, and traveling. 

Eric Gilmore