Foaling Date Calculator

One of our goals at WECH is to provide you, the horse owner, the appropriate tools to help you make informed decisions.  We hope you will find the estimated foaling calculator & calculated vaccination schedule for your pregnant mare to be of benefit.  This information is similar to what we provide our mare owners after we’ve bred their mare and checked them in foal.  For those of you who are new to the foaling process, it is important to consider a completely different vaccination schedule for your pregnant mares to help them have a safe pregnancy and also provide colostral antibodies for her upcoming foal.  We would be happy to schedule all of these appointments ahead of time with you so these important vaccines do not get missed or forgotten.  If you have multiple pregnant mares, we’d be happy to email you a PDF version of the vaccination schedule with all of your mares on ONE document to assist with your own medical records.

Foaling Date Reminders

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Date Activity Scheduled

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(340 days)


Equine Rhinopneumonitis
(4 months)
* Don't forget, fetal sexing may be performed at this time


Equine Rhinopneumonitis & Influenza
(6 months)


Equine Rhinopneumonitis
(8 months)


(9 months)


**Prefoaling Vaccines
(10 months)


WECH recommends spring vaccines 4-6 weeks prior to foaling on all mares consisting of Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Flu/Rhino, Tetanus, Strangles, West Nile and Rotavirus as well as maintaining a schedule of deworming every 90 days.  We recommend that you bring your foaling mare into a safe foaling environment no later than 30 days prior to her due date (around the time of her prefoaling vaccines).