Internal Medicine that Delivers
Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment

Internal medicine services for your horse cover a wide range of care including colic evaluations, gastroscopy, endoscopy, cardiac analysis, neurological assessments, neonatal care and dietary management consultation. Additionally, the clinic is equipped, and our staff is trained, to handle problems that occur in every age of a horse -- from the newborn foal to the geriatric patient.


Advanced Equipment to Aid in Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment is key to treating any disease. With cutting-edge technology, our clinic stands at the forefront of diagnostic imaging, using such tools as:

  • Endoscopy

  • Gastroscopy

  • Digital Radiography

  • Echocardiology

  • Digital Ultrasonography with Color-Flow Doppler

Endoscopy and gastroscopy allows the vet to see the stomach and other areas inside the horse. Our digital equipment even lets us forward images electronically to referral doctors for updates and specialists for timely second opinions.


Our Passion is the Treatment and Care of Your Horse

When it comes to horses, your values are our values and your passion is our passion. Rely on Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital for the most advanced care available for the prevention and treatment of disease at any point in your horse's life.


Endoscopy and gastroscopy for horses

Cutting edge technology, such as Endoscopy and Gastroscopy, allow the veterinarian to see internal areas of the horse.