A Preventive Health Care Program
for Your Older Horse

Is your horse over the age of 15?  Has your horse struggled with metabolic issues or laminitis?  Do you struggle with knowing how to feed your horse to optimize health & performance?


Many of our Senior Patients areactive and being ridden and competed well into their 20's.  Subtle health changes occur and progress over time making yearly monitoring more important.  Our older horses have unique medical conditions, but some younger performance horses struggle with metabolic issues that require regular attention as well.  We are confident that with appropriate nutrition, preventative health care, and laboratory testing your horse can live a longer, healthier life.


Details About the Senior & Special Care Program

  • Twice yearly farm visits

  • Savings of over 45%

  • Special detailed health report card

  • $750 Colic Surgery Benefit

  • 10% Savings on future diagnostic tests on the farm: x-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory tests & additional preventive care services not included in main program

  • Laminitis / Founder screeing test

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Services Included:

Spring Visit:

  • Farm Call

  • Physical Exam

  • Lameness Screening

  • Blood Work:  Blood Insulin

  • Oral & Dental Assessment

  • Fecal Test:  Strategic plan

  • Coggins Test

  • 3/1 (E, W, T) with WNV vaccination

  • Nutritional Consultation & Monitoring

    • Hay analysis
    • Body condition scoring
    • Top line evaluation
    • Weight measurement

Fall Visit:

  • Farm Call

  • Physical Exam

  • Lameness Screening

  • Blood Work:  ACTH, CBC, Chemistry Profile

  • Oral & Dental Assessment

  • Fecal Test: Strategic plan

  • Rabies Vaccination

  • Powerfloat with sedation