Wellness Visits - A Prescription for Horse Health

Keeping your horse healthy is our top priority at Wisconsin Equine. Young or old, your horse's health and wellness has many faces. From ensuring your horse is appropriately vaccinated and dewormed to health visits where our veterinarians educate you on everything from nutrition to the special needs of your geriatric companion. 


Twice Yearly Visits

At Wisconsin Equine, we recommend at least one, but preferably two visits each year. Often we can prevent life threatening and costly disease problems with the twice-yearly visits. Many clients find a veterinarian or two with whom they feel most comfortable; this veterinarian becomes their regular farm vet. This works out well for both the veterinarian and the horse because the doctor can better evaluate the horse for subtle changes such as weight issues and dental concerns if your horse is seen routinely.  In addition, your doctor gets to know your horse's personality and can more quickly recall prior medical issues.


Wellness Visits Customized For Your Horse

For horses in the Midwest, we recommend vaccinating twice yearly. We follow the AAEP guidelines on core vaccines vs. optional vaccines, and we vaccinate based on your horse's specific needs. We also educate clients on a strategic deworming program based on the needs of the herd rather than the traditional guidelines of deworming every 6-8 weeks.

Our routine farm visits also include oral exams and mouth equilibration (floating) if necessary. We recommend annual physical exams and further blood testing if necessary. Our Wellness Program incorporates all these things as well as Coggins testing, fecal exams and soundness evaluations along with nutritional counseling. As horses live longer these exams become even more important in our geriatric patients and we offer a specialized Senior & Special Care Program for their unique needs.

Our main goal is helping your horses to live long and productive lives. But, the doctors and staff of Wisconsin Equine also become very attached to your horses and look forward to the twice yearly visits in which they interact with you and your companions.

Please call our office to schedule your next wellness visit.

High quality veterinary care on the farm

Appointments can be made daily to evaluate your horse when illness or injuries arise.


Equine Wellness Program

Equine Wellness ProgramWhether your horse is a high level performance horse or an at home pleasure horse, preventative care is the key to optimizing their health.

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Geriatric Wellness Program

Wellness program for older horsesThe Wisconsin Equine Geriatric Wellness Program is a preventive measure for the early detection and administration of a medical management plan for older horses.

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