Essential, Immediate Response for
Our Critical Care Patients

Informed, decisive action is essential when a horse is injured or critically ill. During an anxious moment like that, it's important to assess and administer treatment as quickly as possible.


24-hour Care and Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art Critical Care Center and board-certified staff are uniquely qualified to provide the timeliest and most advanced care in the region. We utilize the latest in diagnostic and monitoring equipment. All ICU patients are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that they are comfortable and that their treatment is progressing according to plan. Critical care needs are always met with an immediate response.


Neonatal Critical Care Unit

Care of the critically ill newborn foal has made tremendous strides over the last twenty years, and many foals that formerly would have had a poor prognosis are now successfully treated. The successful treatment of sick foals requires a neonatal critical care unit where the special needs of the newborn foal can be addressed.  The condition of any neonate can change very rapidly. Frequent monitoring by our dedicated staff allows for the early recognition, timely intervention, and rapid resolution of neonatal problems.  Our neonatal critical care unit provides a safe, clean, and warm environment for managing sick foals.


Mini foal

Everything Your Horse or Foal will Need Under One Roof

Your horse or foal will benefit from the latest advances and techniques for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of disease.

  • Trained surgeons are available to treat orthopedic abnormalities, colic, ruptured bladders, or umbilical problems and a board-certified specialist in reproduction is available to tend to the needs of your mare.

  • 24 hour Care

  • Stall-side oxygen

  • Sling support if needed

  • Surgeons are available for consultation & treatment as needed

  • An on-site laboratory provides rapid results for complete blood counts, serum chemistry, and blood gas analysis.

  • Digital imaging is available for the evaluation of skeletal, respiratory, and digestive problems.

  • A complete range of nursing care is available including a foal bed for recumbent foals, constant or intermittent fluid therapy, parenteral or enteral nutritional support, and stall-side oxygen.

With our advanced software for monitoring patients from our ICU Desk, we can easily see, at a glance, the status of each of our closely monitored patients.


Our Staff and Veterinarians are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your mare and foal.