Experience and Skill in Surgery

At Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital, we offer a wide variety of surgical procedures to meet our clients' needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also work closely with many referral veterinarians located across the Midwest to provide superior care to your horse.

Our surgeon, Dr. Doug Langer, is deeply committed and dedicated to maintaining a high degree of surgical proficiency and skill. Each horse is attended to by a team consisting of the chief surgeon, veterinary interns and trained technicians who provide exemplary, experienced care from pre-operative diagnosis, through surgical treatment, to post-operative follow-up.

Currently our facilities consist of a padded induction/recovery room linked to our surgical suite. Once anesthetized, your horse is closely monitored by a trained anesthetist using state-of-the art equipment including an EKG, pulse oximeter, and direct and indirect blood pressure monitoring. Our anesthetic machines are equipped with ventilators, suitable for any horse from a miniature foal to an adult draft!


Some of Our Elective and Emergency Surgical Procedures Include:

  • Abdominal Surgery (colic surgery, C-section)

  • Arthroscopy/Tenoscopy (eg. OCD chip removal and septic joint/tendon sheath therapy)

  • Fracture Repair

  • Laceration Repair

  • Dental and Sinus Surgery

  • General Soft Tissue Surgery (eg. reproductive tract, urinary tract)

  • Neonatal Surgery (including abdominal and orthopedic)

  • Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Upper Airway Surgery

  • Select Standing Surgical Procedures (eg. Kissing Spines Surgery, Ovarioectomy, mass removal)


Field surgical procedures are also offered including castration, laceration repair, simple mass removal and certain other procedures when hauling to the hospital is not feasible.

Please call Nicole Howie or Kristen Formanek in our surgery department to schedule your horse's surgery or to have any of your surgical questions answered.


Equine surgery


Equine Surgery