Stallion Services

From the young, untrained stallion - to the experienced, seasoned stallion, Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital can help you with your stallion management, semen collection and shipping needs.  We have a full-service collection facility and semen evaluation capabilities.

Every semen sample collected is evaluated for motility and viability.  We have a centrifuge for semen that has a high volume, but low concentration. Semen longevity testing is also available for stallions that are new to the cooled shipping market. Wisconsin Equine has a reputation as a shipper with local airlines and can ship semen domestically same day, or, traditionally we use FedEx for 24 hour delivery.

To view a listing of the stallions that we work with, please view here:  Stallion Directory.  If you have a stallion you would like added to this list, please email Nina Barnes at


Semen Orders and Stallion Management

Although some stallion owners prefer to take the semen orders themselves, Wisconsin Equine can take orders and work directly with mare owners directly for stallion collections.  We feel that this eliminates one extra step for stallion owners.  Wisconsin Equine can also help you develop your stallion semen contract to best suit your needs from year to year.

Wisconsin Equine's Reproductive Department also provides stallion management in natural service environments at your farm.  Wisconsin Equine Clinic works one-on-one with your mare owners to provide the best possible service and make your farm's breeding program a success.



Semen Freezing Available Twice Yearly

Semen freezing opportunities are available twice a year, every Spring and Fall at Wisconsin Equine Clinic.

Select Breeders Service (SBS) has affiliate labs across the U.S.  One of the Select Breeders mobile labs comes directly to our facility twice a year for semen freezing services.  Your stallion can be housed at our facility or hauled in and out daily for collections. The average stallion will give between 5-10 doses of semen per collection. At this time, Wisconsin Equine does not collect semen for freezing for export outside of the US (exception is Canada).

Select Breeders Service (SBS) has state of the art technology that makes them a premier freezing group. We have excellent results with semen that they have frozen on the stallions that we work with, and others that we have used to breed mares within the clinic. 

If you are interested, you can visit the SBS website for more information at:


Advantages to Having
Frozen Semen:

  • Preserve bloodlines that are not available anymore

  • Performance horses that don't collect and show well at the same time

  • Performance horses that owners don't want to hassle with collections and show schedules

  • Preserve valuable stallions genetics prior to them getting older and having decreased fertility

  • Preserve valuable genetics prior to death of stallion

Man With The Moves

Man With The Moves

Artful Move X Princess Play On


Touchdown Cali

Mr Touchdown Kid X Cali Accord

2007 Bay Quarter Horse Stallion

Private Treaty

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