Podiatry Center Dedicated to Hoof Care for
All Ages and Breeds of Horses

At Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital, our Podiatry Center is dedicated to optimizing foot care for both prevention and for the treatment of underlying disease or injury.

A primary source of lameness can be foot or foot related problems. By setting up an appointment through our podiatry center you have access to our knowledgeable staff and advanced diagnostic equipment. When needed, digital radiographs are taken not only to assess for underlying injury, but also to aid the farrier in assessing foot balance and foot alignment before and after shoeing. Optimizing foot care gives the horse its best opportunity to recover from an injury and to lead a long, healthy and sound life. All ages and breeds of horses are treated at our facility, from newborn foal to high end performance horses.


Complete Diagnosis and Consultation for Shoeing


The Podiatry Center's goal is to create team effort and communication. Your regular farrier receives direct consultation and shoeing advice to further enhance your horse's long term care.

One of our specialty farriers, Kelly House shoes horses to meet their performance and treatment needs. Custom crafted shoes are constructed on site to meet the unique demands of some horses. When the need arises MRI is available to get a complete and accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem. And, if necessary even horses that have difficulty standing during farrier care (ie. Laminitis/founder, fractures, severe tendon injuries) can use Wisconsin Equine's sling support in our hospital.


If the Podiatry Center may be something you would like your horse to use, or if you have any questions, contact Wisconsin Equine so our doctors and farriers can center a plan specifically for your horse's needs.

Equine Podiatry Center

One of our specialty farriers, Kelley House, shoes horses, using on-site equipment, to meet performance and treatment needs as directed by the veterinarians at Wisconsin Equine.