Equine Wellness Program -
A Preventative Health Care Plan

What it is:

The Equine Wellness Program is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your horse(s) are receiving the best possible preventive health care on a regular and timely basis. Medical evaluations performed twice yearly by our team of veterinary medical specialists ensure that your horse(s) remain healthy year-round.


2018/19 Added Value!

  • Balanced Nutritional Exam

    • Including Hay Analysis
    • Body Condition Scoring and Top Line Evaluation
  • Additional 10% Savings on select future diagnostics on the farm; x-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory tests, & Preventative care savings not included in the program offering!

  • $1500.00 Colic Benefit Program (In the event that your horse undergoes Colic Surgery at our facility, WECH will contribute $750.00 toward the surgical invoice for this procedure for the horse enrolled in the program during the period of acitve participation)

  • Additional Fecal Exam

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Program Facts:

  • Preventative care will identify health issues before they become serious problems

  • A detailed Health Report Card is provided twice a year

  • Strategic Deworming Program customized for your horse

  • Advanced dental care is included with sedation

  • Additional preventative care such as other vaccines or sheath cleaning with sedation will be discounted 10%

  • Enroll 3 or more horses under the same owner and receive an additional discount

How it works:

Our office will contact you twice a year 10-14 days prior to your appointment. A member of our veterinary team will then visit and examine your horse each spring and fall. Appointments are determined by your geographical location and every attempt is made to accommodate client schedules. Frequent fecal evaluations will determine which Strategic Deworming Package is right for your horse(s).

Our Horse Wellness Program includes the following services:


Fall Visit (Sept./Oct.)

  • Farm Call

  • Lameness Screening

  • Report Card

  • Call Charge

  • Physical Exam

  • Dental Exam

  • Powerfloat with Sedation

  • Fecal Test: Strategic Plan

  • Rhino/Flu

  • Rabies

Spring Visit (March/April)

  • Farm Call

  • Physical Exam

  • Report Card

  • Nutritional Consultation

  • Dental Exam

  • Coggins Test

  • 3/1 + WNV (E, W, Tetanus, & West Nile)

  • Rhino/Flu
  • Fecal Test: Strategic Plan


Significant Savings on Stratgetic Deworming Packages - Customized for your

*Over non-packaged services


 2018/19 Pricing:


Payment options: 

  • $664 Annual Fee  - to be paid in full at time of enrollment   OR
  • $55.34 Monthly Fee (Automatic Bank Draft / ACH or Credit Card)
    • Montly payment option includes $2.95 processing fee 


Dewormers selected based upon your indivdual horses' needs.

- Low Shedder (200 EPG or less)

April - Moxidectin

October - Ivermectin Plus


- Moderate Shedder (200-500 EPG):

April - Moxidectin

July - Pyrantel

October - Ivermectin Plus


- High Shedder (>500 EPG):

April - Moxidectin

July - Pyrantel

August - Ivermectin

October - Ivermectin Plus


This Program is automatically renewed every year. You may enroll at any time throughout the year.
Refunds: Pro-rated refunds will be made in the event of the sale or death of a horse. The program may also be transferred to another horse or the new owner of a sale horse that remains in our practice area. Cash refunds will only be made if your account with us is current.