Ocular Diagnostics and Eye Surgery


Eyes are often described as the windows to the soul, and everyone that has horses knows this to be true. Eye injuries can be devastating to horses if not treated appropriately. Blindness is obviously a major concern in performance animals that need to see to do their jobs. Wisconsin Equine is fortunate to have both board certified ophthalmologists and veterinarians that specialize in ophthalmology available to evaluate your horses eyes, both on an emergency and non-emergency basis. 

We offer diagnostic techniques such as slit-lamp biomicroscopy, ocular ultrasonography and tonometry. We also offer both medical and surgical treatment options including conjunctival flaps, subpalpebral lavage systems and the latest drug therapies.

We commonly treat eye conditions such as:

  • Equine recurrent uveitis (moon blindness)

  • Corneal ulcers

  • Glaucoma

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Tumors of the eye


Emergency Care and Ophthalmologists on Call

Equine eye injuries can be painful and serious, so it is important that a well-trained professional treats the trauma. Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is the only independent clinic in Wisconsin with board-certified ophthalmologists available for horses. Our 24-hour intensive care service is available to treat traumatic and chronic eye injuries.

If any of the following signs are seen: tearing, swelling, discharge, squinting or cloudiness, then you should call the specialists at Wisconsin Equine immediately.

Equine Opthalmology

Using advanced equipment and the latest technology our opthalmologists and veterinarians diagnose eye conditions in the clinic or in the field.


Equine Eye Care

Ongoing eye health and treatment for eye injury/conditions are major concerns no matter the size of your horse or the age of your horse.