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Complementary Therapies:

How Does Acupuncture Work?

What Conditions Can Acupuncture Be Used For?



How Often Should My Horse's Teeth Be Floated?

Why Does My Horse Have Bad Breath?

My Horse Has Started Grinding Her Teeth When I Work Her...

My Horse Is Foaming At The Mouth.  What Could Be Causing This?

What Is An Ear Tooth?



Do Horse's Feet Grow Faster During Certain Times of The Year?

How Can I Speed Up My Horse's Hoof Growth?

How Often Should My Horse's Hooves Be Trimmed?

My Farrier Told Me My Horse Has Thrush..What is this?

My Horse Has Rings Around His Hooves - Is He Foundered?

How Do I Improve Hoof Wall Quality?


First Aid:

How Do You Decide If A Cut On Your Horse Requires Sutures or Not?

How Do I Know If A Wound Is Developing Proud Flesh?

What Are Some Common Meds I Should Keep In My Barn In Case of Emergency?

What Do I Do For Heel Bulb Lacerations?

My Horse Has A Lump On Her Leg After Stiches Were Removed, What Could This Be?


Health & Wellness:

What Can Affect a Horse's Body Temperature?

Do Horse's Have Heart Attacks?

Do I Need A Coggins Test For My Horse?

Do I Still Need To Vaccinate For West Nile?

Do You Know How To Body Condition Score Your Horse?

Does Soaking Hay Help With Heaves?

How Can I Stop My 2 Year Old From Chewing The Wood In His Stall?

How Can I Test My Horse For Dehydration?

How Much Weight Can A Horse Carry?

How Well Do Horses Hear?

I Have A Black Walnut Tree Adjacent To My Pasture, Should I Chop It Down?

I Will Be Moving My Horse To A Farm That Had A Strangles Outbreak 2 Years Ago.  Can The Organism Still Be In The Environment Now?

If My Horse Had Strangles Is He Protected For Life?

Is It Safe To Castrate My 7 Year Old Morgan?

My 2 Year Old Colt Is A Cryptorchid (has only one dropped testicle so far).  Is There A Chance The Second Testicle Could Still Descend?

My Friend Has A Saddlebred With A Swayback.  Is this Painful & Can These Horses Be Ridden?

My Horse Has Developed A Cough...Have Any Tips To Tell If It's Just A Little Cold OR Something More Severe?

My Horse Has Suddenly Become Touchy Around His Ears.  He Is Even Becoming Difficult To Bridle..What Do You Think?

My Horse Makes Noise When I Ride.  Is There Anything I Can Do?

My Horse Snores When He Sleeps.  Is This Normal?

My Horse Sometimes Belches.  Is This Normal?

My Horse Tries To Bite Me When I Tighten His Girth.  Are There Any Medical Conditions I Should Be Concerned With?

My Older Gelding Likes To Lay Down A Lot...But Has Trouble Getting Up.  Is There Anything I Should Be Doing To Help Him?

My Yearling Has Small Lumps All Over his Nose and Mouth. What are They And Are They Contagious?

Should I Vaccinate For Tetanus?

What Anit-Inflammatories Are Safe For Ulcer Prone Horses?

What Are Common Allergies For Horses? 

What Are Some Common Poisonous Trees?

What Are the Signs of Cushing's Disease?

What Basics Does My Horse Need To Stay Healthy?

What Is A Hunter's Bump?

What is Strangles?

What is The Difference Between IM and IV Injections?  Can Drugs Be Given Both Ways?

What Type of Flooring IS Best In A Stable?

My Gelding Does Not Drop When He Urinates & Makes A Mess, Splashing Urine All Over Himself.  Is This Something I Should Be Concerned About?

What Exactly Is A Coggins Test?

I Think My Horse Has Ulcers, How Do I Get A Diagnosis?

My Horse May Have Rain Rot, What Do I Look For?

Why Does My Horse Colic After Turnout?

What Is Dew Poisoning?

What Can I Do About Chronic Mud Fever?

What is Scratches?



How Can I Tell If One Joint Supplement Is Any Better Than Another?

My 5 Year Old Warmblood Has Been Diagnosed With Wobbler's Disease.  Can I Manage This?

My 8 Year Old Gelding Has Started Tripping When Being Ridden.  Should I Call My Vet or Farrier?

My 12 Year Old Quarter Horse Has Been Diagnosed With Navicular Disease, but His X-rays Are Normal.  Could Something Else Be The Problem?

My Horse Has A Hard Lump On the Inside Of His Hind Leg Below His Hock. He's Not Lame, but The Lump Is Tender..What Could It Be?

What Are Capped Hocks?  Can They Be Treated?

What Are Stem Cells And How Are They Used?

What Causes Acute Laminitis?

What Does It Mean To have A "Locked Stifle" and How Can It Be Treated?

What Is IA?  Can You Explain Joint Injections?

What Is IRAP and When Is It Used?

What Is PRP?

What Is The Difference Between Stringhalt and Shivers?

What Is The Prognosis For A Bowed Tendon?

What Is "Tying Up"?

When Do You Recommend Using Adequan vs. Legend?

Can A Horse "Fake" Lameness?

Do Cruciate Ligament Injuries Occur In Horses?

My 10 Year Old Mare Was Diagnosed With Navicular Approximately4.5 Years Ago. She Gets Really Sore In The Spring, What Suggestions Do You Have For Pain Management?

Are Laminitis & Founder Different Problems?



Can I Feed Grass Clippings To Horses?

Can I Feed My Horse Silage?  What About Large Round Bales?

Do I Need To Supplement Selenium?

How Can I Keep My 19 Year Old TB In Good Weight, But Have Her Energy Level Manageable?

How Do I Know If The Hay I Buy Is Good Quality?

How Much Water Does My Horse Need Per Day?

What Do You Think About Goldfish In Stock Tanks?

How Can I Encourage My Horse To Drink More Water?



Are There Any Vision Problems Associated With Blue Eyes?

Can Cataract Surgery Be Performed On Horses?

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Caring For A Blind Horse?

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Eye Problems?

My Horse Has Either A Wart Or Sarcoid On His Eye Lid, What Would Be Treatment Options If It Is A Sarcoid?



A Friend Got A TB Mare With A Swayback That She Wants To Breed To My Stallion.  How Well Will She Handle Carrying A Foal And Foaling?

Are There Any Potential Side Effects With Regumate?

Can I Have Fetal Sexing Performed On My Preganat Mare?  If so, When Should It Be Performed?

How Common Are Twins With One Red Bag?

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Cystic Ovaries?

How Should I Feed My Pregnant Mare?

I Noticed My 27 Year Old Mare's Left Teat Was Enlarged, Could It Be A Hormonal Imbalance?

I Will Be Foaling My Mare Out On A Farm That Has Had Foals With Rhodococcus In The Past.  Should I Be Concerned?

Is Cimetidine Safe To Give During Pregnancy?

My Mare Got A Shot Of Depo Provera A Month Ago - But We Have Now Decided To Breed Her.  How Long Does It Take For Them To Start Cycling Again?

My Mare Has Recently Started Showing Signs Of Aggression Towards People.  Should I Call My Vet?

My Mare Is Extremely Difficult To Ride When She Is In Heat.  What Options Do I Have To Manage This Especially During Show Season?

What Are The Chances Of Getting A 7 Year Old Maiden Mare In Foal Using Frozen Semen?

What Is Colostrum and Why Is it So Important?

What Is The Difference In Success Between Live Cover and Artificial Insemination?

When Can I Geld My 4 Month Old Colt - Who is Very Aggressive and 'Studdy'?

When Is The Best Time To Wean My Foal?

When Should I Start To Vaccinate My Foal?

Why Do We Vaccinate Mares BEFORE They Foal?

If A Stallion Is Difficult To Handle Due To Sex Drive, Does That Reflect The Disposition He's Likely To Pass On, Or Is Behavior Driven By Hormones Different?

How Much Excercise & Showing Is Safe For A Pregnant Mare?


Summer Tips:

How Can I Keep My Horse Cool In The Summer?



What Are The Risks Of General Anesthesia?

What Is An Umbilical Hernia and How Is It Corrected?

I have Heard That Horses Do Not Do Well Following Colic Surgery.  Is This True?

What Is Colic?

I Am Interested In Buying A Horse That Had Colic Surgery For A Displaced Large Intestine 3 Years Ago.  What Are The Chances That This Could Happen Again?


Winter Tips:

Any Tips On How To Prevent My Horse From Slipping On The Ice?

Do Horses Get Nosebleeds Like People When The Weather Is Cold and Dry?

Do You Have Any Bathing Tips For The Winter Months?

I Have Been Finding Red Urine Spots In The Snow - Should I Be Worried?

Is It Ever TOO Cold For My Horse To Be Outside?  Or, TOO Cold To Ride/Train Them?

My Friends Tell Me I Should Feed Bran Mashes In The Winter.  I Do Not Feed Bran Now, Should I Start?

Should I Be Concerned About Clipping My Horse's Ears/Muzzle In The Winter?

When Should I Blanket My Horse?

Is Cold Weather A Risk For Colic?

My Older Horse Gets Chronic Diarrhea In The Winter, What Can I Do For Him?













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